Meet Our Staff

Kim Baldridge

Executive Director

Kim grew up in the Danville Pittsylvania County area and has a passion for helping her local neighbors. 

She considers this to be part of her God-given responsibility and that is why this position was so appealing to her.

Kristie Ballard

Affiliate Administrator

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

RJ Mcgaughey

Store Manager

RJ has served as store manager for close to a year. In his free time, he enjoys Al fresco activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing.

In addition to spending time with his son, Tyler, who is pursuing his PhD in biomedical sciences at West Virginia University.

Greg Greene

Head Cashier

Greg has served as the Head Cashier for close to five years. His favorite part of working at the ReStore is being able to welcome the customers.

Danville Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity
2805 Riverside Dr
Danville, VA 24540
Phone (434) 793-3630
Fax (434) 483-2891
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