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for $100.00

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It takes 300 framing studs to build a house.  You can sponsor a stud for $100.  Take them home and paint them, write blessings, bible verses or words of encouragement to the Habitat partner family.  NOTE:  The studs can't be cut, burned, carved or physically altered in any way as it may affect the structural integrity of it.  When you are finished bring them back to the ReStore and we will hold onto them until we are ready to frame the walls of the house.  After the studs are in place in the house we will hold an event with the Habitat homeowner and you will be invited to see the finished product and meet the homeowner.

If you would like to join the mission of Habitat for Humanity by building strength, stability and self-reliance with shelter here's your chance.  Incorporated in our Habitat Village North community will be a brick walkway.  Purchase your brick here to help your local neighbor in need of a decent place to live!

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